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We can analyze, design, procure, install, maintain, monitor your accounting needs at a fraction of the cost of comparable in-house services.
We can provide consultancy services to you on a wide range of tax issues like tax avoidance, tax minimization of current tax liability, tax implications of arrangements, tax estimations and projections, tax law changes, and business valuation for tax purposes.
Proper interpretation and correct application of the tax laws are central to tax compliance. These are involving as much as they are time consuming. ICMA Services will work with you to make your tax returns preparation as painless as possible. We shall file your Annual Income Tax Return as and at when due, file your payroll and other miscellaneous tax returns to time and also asses risk of tax positions and tax computations for you.
When there arise controversy with the tax authorities, be it Federal or State, we bring our professional expertise to bear in getting fair hearing and fair deal for our clients. Specifically we appeal the findings of tax auditors, advocate at Tax Audit Committee meetings, independently vouch tax liability claims, resolve technical tax issues and prepare amended returns where necessary.
Staying in business require making profits in volume enough to justify the existence of the business. We work with organizations to determine best practices that will ensure business sustenance and continuity.
  • Revenue Enhancement Consultancy

  • Staff Audit and Pensioners Verification Consultancy

  • Process Automation Consultants

  • Networking Consultancy

  • IT Training Consultancy


We can work with you to improve your revenue collection machinery by bringing the efficiency of the private sector to bear on the operations of the public sector in a partnership relationship that works


We can work with you to determine your actual payroll and pensioners liabilities and costs, and eliminate ghost workers and pensioners.


Accounts, payroll, inventory management, billing, accounting for collections, etc are repetitive jobs that can easily be automated. We can work with you to determine all your automation needs and give you practical solutions that will stand the test of time.


Communication is a must in today’s business, be it horizontal vertical or lateral. We make your offices talk to each other via computer hardware and software which is bound to cut your communication costs significantly


We can bring employees up to speed on using new systems and applications within the context of your organization’s needs.