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ICMA Services provide professional services to the public sector and private organizations. We bring the benefits of private sector efficiency to bear on the operations of the public sector while also supporting the private sector with cutting edge services.

Our services are benchmarked on enduring quality and integrity of purpose. Our core value hinges on the belief that success comes only when the client is satisfied. To maintain the lead in the competitive environment of today therefore, our service delivery strategies are fashioned not only to meet the expectations of the client, but to surpass the expectations thereby creating a long lasting progressive relationship.

To achieve our goals, we use practical values and not just ideas or theories. Rather, these are the very thought processes we employ to reach daily objectives.

At ICMA Services, each issue is approached by professionals with relevant knowledge and experience in the field, made possible by the cream of top- class multi-disciplinary professionals in its service.

These guarantee the success desired to meet the needs of the client as well as to achieve our corporate goals as a business entity.

As professionals in accounting and tax practices, ICMA Services provide a wide range of services tailored towards getting the best values for you at all times. Regardless of your size, business, or complexity, we can tailor a service package specific to your work, your needs, your success.

With a wide background in public sector consulting particularly in the area of revenue enhancement and monitoring, ICMA Services has a proven methodology that can ensure rapid revenue improvement at all levels of the public sector while also cutting cost of operations to the barest minimum.

    C E O
  • Lukman Olatunji
    B.Sc, M.Sc, ACTI, ACA
    Executive Director
  • Owolabi OLADEJO
    Executive Director
  • Faruk Umar ISMAIL
    Executive Director


An intellectual par excellence with a first class degree in Accounting, master’s degree in Business Administration and PhD in Management Science, AWA has varied experiences in accounting, auditing, tax management, financial management and revenue consulting spanning over three decades. He rose to the position of Assistant General Manager at the New Nigerian Development Company (NNDC) and was a Group Deputy Managing Consultant in a consortium that majors in public sector consulting before coming aboard ICMA Services as partner, and Chief Executive Officer.

Apart from being a fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of United Kingdom and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, he has attended several executive courses in reputable institutions both locally and internationally including the prestigious Harvard University.

He helped to fashion the Accelerated Revenue Generation Programme (ARGP), a public sector revenue improvement initiative that changed the face of revenue generation in Nigeria in the last 15 years. He is pioneering a fresh initiative with the Revenue Enhancement and Electronic Monitoring System of ICMA Services.

Lukman holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and has several years experience in financial and IT consulting. Lukman was an Internal Auditor with John Holt Plc, a multinational corporation and later an External Auditor to Deloitte, Adetona Isichei Co. and Olusola Adekanola & Co. both foremost accounting firms in Nigeria. Lukman has held various top management positions and was a Director in a top-flight accounting and consulting firm in Nigeria before joining ICMA Services as a partner, and Executive Director.

In recognition of his astuteness, he was appointed Secretary to the Federal Panel of Inquiry on Temporary Imports Permit, a panel instituted by the government of Nigeria to investigate contraventions in import permit laws, between year 2000 and year 2003.

Owolabi started his carrier as a Telecommunications Engineer with the Nigeria Telecommunications before venturing into the field of accounting thereby giving him a broad and diversified experiences cutting across engineering, accounting and management. Owolabi has been in consulting practice for over a decade, post qualification. He has anchored the implementation of various revenue generation projects and was the Managing Director of a very successful Management Consulting firm before joining ICMA Services as a partner, and Executive Director.

A versatile resource person, the success story of ICMA Services in the area of Training and Capacity Building is a clear reflection of Owolabi’s rich experiences in human resources development and capital management.

With over 20 years professional experience cutting across auditing, accounting and inventory management, Ismail cut his teeth in auditing with Oni Lasebikan & Co., a well known audit firm in Nigeria, an experience that later earned him the Head of Internal Audit, Credit and Corporate Planning of a top notch merchant bank in Nigeria. He rose to the position of Regional Director of an accounting and tax practicing firm before joining the services of ICMA Services as a partner, and Executive Director.

He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Taxation and an Associate of the Nigerian Institute of Management.

Faruk brought his wealth of experience in problem solving and very rich human relations skills to bear on the success story of ICMA Services.